Raff About it's stream is a viewer-oriented show. I play a variety of games, with my main focus being EvE Online. You are welcome to speak up in chat, join a few of us on  Teamspeak during the show, and play any game along with us. Join us 5 days of the week on /Raff_About_It for all of the fun!

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o7 After three months of working full-time, packing, planning, panicking and patiently awaiting for the day to arrive, I have finally moved from a city I lived in for 25 years, and have now settled into a temporary new home where you can’t even get cell reception! Currently as it stands, Nazurel and I have set […]


That moment you sit down to be productive and find that Windows has other plans!! #windows #vancouverisland #coffee #westcoast #veganfood ...

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Last year I designed and had some beanies up for sale... Today I received a picture from a viewer of him and his kid rocking them! That TOTALLY made my day since I had NO idea they were still floating around! Thank you for just being awesome guys! :) ...

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